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Ruth Tate

3D Wire Sculpture

3D Wire Sculpture

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Original sculpture by Patricia Rose using found wire from old agriculture fencing and knitted copper wire. 

The wire found in the fields around South Australia is symbolic of a life gone before with all its hardships that it brought, its loves and tribulations. This land brings out both beauty and awe mixed with a tinge of sadness and hardship brought to life by people long gone. These stories I explore as I move across a canvas or lift a needle to sew weaving my own life with theirs.
I like working with contrasts in what appears at first glance a gentle piece but digging deeper can have its hard edge either through colour or form or materials. A memory passing over the bare bones, the bits that get hidden or revealed are there to be explored.

Patricia’s artwork is varied from large wallscapes to small handheld objects. She generally works with fibres manipulating them into form and shape, pushing the boundaries of materials experimenting with traditional textile skills giving them a different twist.​

Patricia trained in textiles in Camarthen and Winchester, UK and now works and lives in the Barossa, South Australia.

work measures 30cm and 35cm

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