Custom Fit

We all come in different shapes and sizes and while many women fit into a standard size, lots of us don't. If you have a long or short torso, dresses can be a nightmare, the waist shaping sits too high or too low and doesn't look right. This is very easy to correct during the cutting process, as we cut and make everything locally we can do this before a garment gets made. It is much more difficult to later on a finished garment unless there is a waist seam.

The average measurement for a size 10 nape (the nobbly bit at the back of your neck) to your waist is 41cm

Length is another important thing when looking for the perfect fit, we have a length of skirt, dress we feel happier in. Measure from the waist down the side to your preferred length.

Many of us also have a bigger bust or bigger hips and a small waist. Send us your measurement when ordering online or come instore and we'll measure for you.