London Shop Window - Swaine Adeney Summer 95

Swaine Adeney own label for Summer 95, in crisp linen, very Raj.

London Shop Window - Swaine Adeney Winter 94/95

At First Traditions we designed and manufactured high quality garments for Swaine Adeney, as shown here in their Piccadilly shop window in London

Shop windows - Liberty's of London

From 1992, I worked at a small company in London, designing and manufacturing high quality ladies wear for the First Traditions label which exported to Europe and Japan. I also worked closely with buyers to develop ranges for stores with their own labels, Liberty, Swaine Adeney, Scotch House, J&M Davidson, John Lewis, Mitsukoshi and Isetan.

This shop window is from Liberty's with their own label range.

Tony Awards 2015

This beautiful Chantilly lace dress went to the Tony Awards this year! Gorgeous Margot Morrison (right) with her sister.

Barbie and me

I was given a Barbie in 1975 when I was 9 years old. Barbie was first created in 1959 but a newer, more modern version was brought out in 1971, it was this version that I had.

We lived on a remote island in the West Indies and she was a treasured gift from the United States, where these things could be purchased. I didn't want to be Barbie or look like Barbie, I was a tomboy who didn't like pink and spent most of my days barefoot in shorts. My Barbie was dark haired and she came in a...