Barbie and me

I was given a Barbie in 1975 when I was 9 years old. Barbie was first created in 1959 but a newer, more modern version was brought out in 1971, it was this version that I had.

We lived on a remote island in the West Indies and she was a treasured gift from the United States, where these things could be purchased. I didn't want to be Barbie or look like Barbie, I was a tomboy who didn't like pink and spent most of my days barefoot in shorts. My Barbie was dark haired and she came in a...

Paolo Sebastian Couture

Absolutely divine dresses with gorgeous use of lace and embellishments, would have to be lined to work for most of us!

Chen Man Haute Couture

Chen Man Haute Couture, exquisite gowns with fabulous use of texture, print and exbroidery

Haute Couture Bridal week in Barcelona

Gorgeous Isabel Sanchis dresses shown at Haute Couture week in Barcelona

Pronovia Atelier Show

Exquisite wedding dresses with beautiful use of lace, could work for evening wear in different coloured lace too.