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Adevee Fashion Festival

Adevee Fashion Festival


Sunday 29 October, the Adevee Fashion Festival hits Melbourne. Join Ruth Tate, along with designer labels Hope and Harvest, Revoque, Pablo & Kat, 17 Sundays and many more for an exciting runway event to be held at The Substation in Newport. Commencing at 1pm on Sunday 29th, this unique afternoon runway celebrates Australian style and plus-size fashion. First launched in early 2017, Adevee Fashion is a curated collection of style selected specifically for curvy queens and inspiring inbetweenies. Adevee brings a little class to your wardrobe, via larger-style pattern pieces and a relaxed Australian vibe. Offering eloquent...

London Shop Window - Swaine Adeney Summer 95

Swaine Adeney own label for Summer 95, in crisp linen, very Raj.

London Shop Window - Swaine Adeney Winter 94/95

At First Traditions we designed and manufactured high quality garments for Swaine Adeney, as shown here in their Piccadilly shop window in London