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A fashion designer shows us her backyard retreat, where she creates beautiful seasonal clothing

8 March 2016
Houzz Australia Staff. A freelance photographer based in Sydney who sniffs out good...More
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Ruth Tate is a Sydney-based fashion designer who creates seasonal wear from her cottage studio at the back of her home in Enmore. The studio is tailored to meet Tate’s needs, and she is very happy working in here, particularly as she enjoys having a place to retreat from her home life and let her creativity flow. There’s no doubt, as soon as you walk into her space, that it belongs to a fashion designer – from her reference books to mood boards and pattern cutting tools, everything necessary is at hand to allow Tate to produce beautiful clothing.

Creative Space at a Glance
Name: Ruth Tate
Age: 49
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Location: Enmore, NSW
What’s made here: Beautiful clothes for the discerning woman, in standard sizes or made to measure.

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